Annual General Meeting Agenda

The date for the 2017 AGM has now been set for Thursday 9th November. It will take place at 19:30, at our usual venue of Colburn Village Hall.

In addition to the election of the club’s officers, a vote will be held on whether or not the club should relocate to Hudswell Village Hall. There are definitely some pros associated with the proposed move, such as a higher, more radio friendly location, and the possibility of installing some permanent antennas on the building. However, Hudswell also looks like it’ll be a bit more expensive, and may be a less convenient location for some of our members.

Colin would appreciate it if our members can let him know whether or not they’ll be able to attend. If you’re unable to attend and would like to cast a vote in absentia, please contact Colin before Thursday 9th so that your vote can be counted in time.

We also plan to discuss plans for a Christmas meal this year. Last year, this took the form of a pie/pasty, chips and peas night, and was enjoyed by all who attended. We’ve scheduled in a Christmas meal for 14th December this year, but need to decide on the final arrangements.