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We will be restarting club meetings on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month again beginning on 1st September at 7.30
The first discussion will be on Wire Aerials & Feeders if there any are points you like bring up at this meeting or any future meetings please do not hesitate to contacting us via the Web site or via our Facebook Page.

Open Air Meetings

During the lockdown, following government guidelines, we managed a few meetings outside in the open air.

Here, Steve, Mac, Andy and Dave (in the vehicle) set up a radio site operating with a 5RV aerial and a Yaesu 991a rig.


We are now holding the club meetings on air for now.

The first and third Wednesday will be on GB3IR and the Wednesdays in between on different bands starting on Wednesday 13 May on 10m 28.400+/- other bands we may use will be posted on the Facebook page each week

Audio Settings for S.S.B.

We are having discussion on audio setting for ssb ( including mic gain, compression ,transmit & receive bandwidths etc.) plus a chance to see the procedure for setting mic gain then compression and parametric equalisation on a FT991 and to try them selves. (as this is short notice we will do this again later in the year)