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We are now holding the club meetings on air for now.

The first and third Wednesday will be on GB3IR and the Wednesdays in between on different bands starting on Wednesday 13 May on 10m 28.400+/- other bands we may use will be posted on the Facebook page each week

2019 AGM and related matters

The CRDARS Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 6th November 2019.

The following members were elected to roles on the committee:

Chairman Dave Lutman
Vice ChairmanPaul Hunt
SecretaryChris Kirby
TreasurerMartyn Vann
Additional Committee MemberPaul McGee

Ian Bell has agreed to shadow Martyn in his role as treasurer this year, and assist with duties where required.

We would like to extend our thanks to Irene Lyne for all her hard work as club treasurer over the years. Irene has served as treasurer since the club was founded, and we really appreciate her efforts behind the scenes to ensure that the club could continue to function.

Membership subs are now due, and remain at £20 per year for members over the age of 18, and £5 per year for under 18s. The club does not charge members for attending individual meetings.

It has been suggested that the club may not hold meetings in July or August 2020, as many of our members are on holiday during this time, and are therefore unable to attend meetings at this time of year. A final decision will be made closer to the time.

It has been suggested that we hold a club net on the GB3IR repeater on the Wednesday nights when no club meeting is scheduled.

Finally, the club has begun putting together the events program for 2020. If anyone has any suggestions for events or talks they’d either like see or offer, please pass your suggestions to the club secretary. Feel free to use the web site contact form if you’d like to submit a suggestion electronically.

July Contest Nights

We’ve added a new meeting to our events calendar. On Wednesday 10th July, we’re planning to participate in the RSGB 3.5MHz Club Championship contest. As we don’t have use of Hudswell Village Hall on this night, we’re currently planning to operate a portable station, probably from the field behind the hall. Meeting times are to be confirmed closer to the day.

We have a proposal to operate a portable station for the RSGB 6m UK Activity Contest on Thursday 11th July, but there are currently no concrete plans in place. We’ll try to determine whethere there’s enough interest to warrant operating portable contest stations two days in a row, and update the web site once we know whether or not the 6m contest is still on the cards.

If you’re interested in taking part in one of the contest nights, please keep a close eye on the web site in the days before the meeting, as arrangements may change at short notice.

Summer 2019 Events Programme

The proposed calendar of club events is now available on our Meetings page at Between now and October, we’re hoping to have presentations by several guest speakers, participate in a 6m contest night, and try our hands at Amateur Radio Direction Finding.

We’re still checking the availability of some of our guest speakers, so please watch this space, as we’ll be updating the calendar once we receive confirmation that a particular talk is going ahead. Some upcoming events will not be taking place at Hudswell, so please keep a close eye on our Meetings and News pages, as we’ll be posting meet up times and locations closer to the day of the event.

In a change to our usual routine, we’re planning on adding an extra date to our calendar on Thursday 11th July for the RSGB 6m contest. The usual July meetings on Wednesday 3rd and Wednesday 17th July will go ahead as normal in Hudswell.

We currently intend to hold an Amateur Radio Direction Finding event on Wednesday 21st August, at a location yet to be determined. Please note that there are no meetings at Hudswell Village Hall in August.

Finally, please note that the date for the CRDARS AGM has provisionally been set for Wednesday 2nd October at Hudswell Village Hall.

Upcoming 6m VHF Talk (17th October)

On 17th October, Clive (G4FVP) will be giving a talk on the VHF amateur bands. Clive has a reputation for being extremely knowledgeable when it comes to VHF, and the 6m amateur band in particular. If you’re interested in taking a step beyond basic “line of sight, plus a bit” FM contacts and would like to explore more of what the VHF bands have to offer, this is an opportunity to learn from one of the experts.

We’re always happy to see new faces at our club meetings, so even if you’re not a CRDARS member, you’re more than welcome to join us for what will no doubt be a very interesting evening.

Planning, equipment and finances

At our last meeting on 16th May, some more discussion took place regarding the future of the club.

Finances have been tight lately, with the club making a net loss on many of our recent meetings. This is due to a combination of a more expensive venue, increasing costs and a slight drop in the number of members attending on a regular basis. It has been suggested that the cost per meeting be increased to £3 each, and there has also been a proposal to increase annual membership fees from October. Our Annual General Meeting is provisionally scheduled for 3rd October, and we expect to formally put these proposals to our members during the AGM.

We’re keen to have radio equipment available for use at our future meetings. To tide us over until Dave has chance to repair the Yaesu rig, Richmond School has offered to provide an ICOM IC-735 on loan. AJ has also offered the club a 2m radio, which should allow us to establish a regular presence on VHF.

Once we’ve got an antenna permanently erected, Colin is keen to do some more promotion of the club, through local media such as and Richmondshire Today. Chris Watkins has offered to set up a YouTube channel, giving us both a promotional platform and somewhere to preserve footage of some of the club’s activities. Colin also intends to begin promoting Jamboree on the Air within the Scouts, and has suggested hosting the event up at Hudswell this year.

Finally, we’ve got a couple of presentations scheduled for the meeting calendar. A few members have expressed an interest in C4FM and HF digital modes, but aren’t really sure how best to get started. A couple of members have therefore offered to “have a go” at home, and provide some demos showing what they’ve learned. We’ve had a look at some of the more interesting capabilities of these modes in the past, but we’d like these events to be a bit simpler and more practical, in the hopes that we can get a few more people “over the hump”, and get them up and running with these modes. Dates are on the meetings page.

Antenna Installation and Meeting Planning

With the weather finally having made a turn for the better, Wednesday’s meeting turned into an impromptu antenna mast installation session.

Dave was hard at work up the ladder, installing brackets and attaching our mast, whilst the rest of us held ladders, passed parts, and provided constructive criticism/moral support.

If the weather permits, we’re hoping to carry on with erecting antennas at the next meeting on the 2nd May.

After the sun went down and members retreated inside to enjoy a tea or coffee, some discussion took place regarding our upcoming meeting schedule. Some of our members are reaching out to possible guest speakers, and a few other ideas for activities have been suggested.

With most of the proposed ideas being dependant on other people’s schedules, we’ve decided to hold off putting together a formal events programme for a few more weeks, giving the people involved some time to figure out feasibility and availability. We’re now planning on holding a more formal planning meeting on Wednesday 16th May, when we hope to finalise a schedule for the rest of 2018. If you’re able to attend the meeting on the 16th, please come and have your say.

Upcoming Events

Colin has arranged for CRDARS members to give a practical demonstration of amateur radio for the Brompton-on-Swale Scouts on the evening of Tuesday 24th April.

Mac and Andy will be on site at Brompton-on-Swale Community Sports Hall. Several other members, including Chris and Dave have offered to help by being on air on HF and/or 2m so that we have some guaranteed stations to work on the night.

Plans for the night are still being made. We’ll update the news page once we know exactly what’s happening.

If any other club members would like to assist on the 24th, whether in person or on air, please contact Colin as soon as possible.

CRDARS has been based at Hudswell Village Hall for several months now, and it’s getting to the point where we really need to start putting together an event schedule to take us through to the summer. As a result, we’ve provisionally designated the 18th April meeting as a planning meeting to try to get some activities scheduled in the calendar. If you’ve got any ideas for club activities, please have them at the ready for next Wednesday.