Upcoming Events

Colin has arranged for CRDARS members to give a practical demonstration of amateur radio for the Brompton-on-Swale Scouts on the evening of Tuesday 24th April.

Mac and Andy will be on site at Brompton-on-Swale Community Sports Hall. Several other members, including Chris and Dave have offered to help by being on air on HF and/or 2m so that we have some guaranteed stations to work on the night.

Plans for the night are still being made. We’ll update the news page once we know exactly what’s happening.

If any other club members would like to assist on the 24th, whether in person or on air, please contact Colin as soon as possible.

CRDARS has been based at Hudswell Village Hall for several months now, and it’s getting to the point where we really need to start putting together an event schedule to take us through to the summer. As a result, we’ve provisionally designated the 18th April meeting as a planning meeting to try to get some activities scheduled in the calendar. If you’ve got any ideas for club activities, please have them at the ready for next Wednesday.