Antenna Installation and Meeting Planning

With the weather finally having made a turn for the better, Wednesday’s meeting turned into an impromptu antenna mast installation session.

Dave was hard at work up the ladder, installing brackets and attaching our mast, whilst the rest of us held ladders, passed parts, and provided constructive criticism/moral support.

If the weather permits, we’re hoping to carry on with erecting antennas at the next meeting on the 2nd May.

After the sun went down and members retreated inside to enjoy a tea or coffee, some discussion took place regarding our upcoming meeting schedule. Some of our members are reaching out to possible guest speakers, and a few other ideas for activities have been suggested.

With most of the proposed ideas being dependant on other people’s schedules, we’ve decided to hold off putting together a formal events programme for a few more weeks, giving the people involved some time to figure out feasibility and availability. We’re now planning on holding a more formal planning meeting on Wednesday 16th May, when we hope to finalise a schedule for the rest of 2018. If you’re able to attend the meeting on the 16th, please come and have your say.