Amateur Radio in General


Digital Modes

  • PSK Reporter: A service to help you identify where in the world your digital signals are being received.
  • WSJT-X: Free software for using the WSJT family of digital modes.

Remote Operation

  • Echolink: Software allowing licensed amateur radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet.
  • WebSDR: A web-based, software defined radio receiver.


  • GB3IR: 2m FM repeater in Richmond, North Yorkshire, with Internet linking.


  • AMSAT-UK: UK division of AMSAT, representing those who operate through, design, build and fund satellites for amateur radio.
  • AMSAT-NA: The North American division of AMSAT.
  • Orbitron: Satellite tracking software.


  • RSGB Training Information: The official source for information about how to obtain an amateur radio licence.
  • Hamtests: An enormous collection of sample examination questions for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examination candidates.